Count Your Blessings!

I wonder how may of us DO count our blessings?

One of my husband's favorite songs is
Thank You, LORD, For Your Blessings On Me
In that song, the person is thankful for such simple things
as a roof, a bed, food on the table, and shoes on his feet.

And in my memory, there's a phrase about
a person being sad that he had no shoes
until he saw a man who had no feet.
How many of us have that much and so much more?

You know, God never promised us life would be easy.
In fact, He said that in
this world
we would have tribulation.
I know I find it hard sometimes to count my blessings.
It's not something that I think about.
Many of us take our blessings for granted.

God really has richly blessed us.
We received a small inheritance
and were able to pay cash for the place we have now.
It may not be much but it does put a roof over our heads
and it is ours as long as we can keep the taxes paid.

We do have food on the table.
It may not be lobster and caviar,
but we don't want lobster and caviar.

Our clothes may not be 'in style'
but we prefer comfort to style.
We also have shoes
and the feet on which to wear them.

We have our health.

But most of all, above all this,
we have Jesus and
His promise of heaven.

May God continue to richly bless you
and make you aware of your many blessings.
Why don't you take the time to count them
and see just how blessed you
really are.

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